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Gun Hill Residences Apartment Floor Plans
Click the button under select layouts to view a streaming video tour of that design! (Windows Media Player required)

Studio Apartments [Jump To: 1 Bedroom | 2 Bedrooms | 3 Bedrooms | 4 Bedrooms]

The beautiful and unusual design of Gun Hill studio apartments avoids the monotony of typical studios. Located in a particularly privileged setting, all of these units enjoy lovely views with overlooking deck and great privacy. These spacious units have kitchen areas that are virtually a separate room from the living quarters and have a very large bathroom with both tub and shower. All units at Gun Hill are fully furnished with fine and sturdy contemporary furnishings.

1 Bedroom Apartment [Jump To: Studios | 2 Bedrooms | 3 Bedrooms | 4 Bedrooms]

Our spacious one-bedroom apartment offers an open kitchen/living room floor plan, a giant bedroom and an oversized storage closet. It features its own private entrance and a very nice view out over our courtyard.

2 Bedroom Apartments [Jump To: Studios | 1 Bedrooms | 3 Bedrooms | 4 Bedrooms]

Two-bedroom apartments come in a variety of styles offering both single- and double-sized bedrooms. Selected features include: large living areas that are isolated from the bedroom/bath area to maximize privacy and baths with both shower and tub. Several units have room-sized walk-in closets. Apartments in the cupola have elegant octagonal living rooms. Designs for two to four residents are available.

Style A/G

Style D/G

Style B/G/S

Style B/G

Style C/G

Style C

3 Bedroom Apartments [Jump To: Studios | 1 Bedrooms | 2 Bedrooms | 4 Bedrooms]

With a wide variety of three-bedroom styles to choose from, you're sure to find the unit that satisfies your needs. Gun Hill's apartment layouts, shown below, have drawn praise from professionals for their beauty and functionality, including spectacular cupola and turret units. Virtually all apartments cover the entire width of the building, with windows on both sides to maximize light, ventilation and views. Every unit has a separate kitchen, not just a "nook" in the living area. Designs are available for three to six residents.

Style B/3 - First Floor

Style B/3 - Second Floor

Style B

Style B/4

Style D

Style A/14

Style A/4

Style S/P

Style A/B

4 Bedroom Apartments [Jump To: Studios | 1 Bedrooms | 2 Bedrooms | 3 Bedrooms]

Simply put, our four-bedrooms are the most spectacular apartments in Ithaca. All four-bedroom units are duplexes. Just a few of the stunning features include: 17-foot cathedral ceilings, awe-inspiring lake and/or valley views, unusually large living-dining room areas, skylights, open staircases, raised coffered ceilings, 1 1/2 baths, and octagonal living rooms in the cupola and turret towers. Designs are available for four to seven residents.

Style B/M First Floor

Style B/M Second Floor

Style C/M First Floor

Style C/M Second Floor

Style A/M First Floor

Style A/M Second Floor

Style A/M/S First Floor

Style A/M/S Second Floor

Style D/M First Floor

Style D/M Second Floor

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